Charcoal Barbecue vs Gas Barbecue

How to select the perfect barbecue-Charcoal vs Gas

Buying a barbecue

When the sun comes out, it can be all too easy to slip into a Summer haze and make impulsive purchases. With its almost subconscious connection to hot weather, chances are that buying a barbecue will be high on many agendas when a heatwave hits. While any barbecue can be a great novelty, the right barbecue can be much more than that, giving the user added control over important factors such taste, heating time, cooking style and cost to run. With this in mind, here are a few things to consider when buying a barbecue.

Think of the food

While the weather might well dictate whether having a barbecue is viable on any given day, if the barbecue won’t cook the delicious delights that you’re expecting, then no amount of Sun will make your meal a success. For the flame-grilled flavour which has become synonymous with the traditional American grill, the simmering coals of a charcoal barbecue would be ideal, allowing for chef to have the same authentic barbecue experience that made the barbecue a popular choice for garden parties. If the thought of the smoky taste leaves you feeling cold, a gas barbecue may better suit your needs, having more facilities which allow users to cook a variety of meals, allowing you to roast things, fry things, taking the traditional barbecue to a new level, and allowing for a range of new and healthy food without them tasting char-grilled.

Barbecue on a budget

While barbecues of all kinds can be bought relatively cheaply, if your aim is to keep spends to an absolute minimum and you have no preference for customisable features, charcoal barbecues are often slightly more cost-effective than gas barbecues, providing a great option for those who do not plan to barbecue often. For those who plan to barbecue more often however, a gas barbecue heats up more quickly, allowing for barbecue enthusiasts to make flavoursome barbecue food speedily, whenever they feel the need. The speed at which gas barbecues heat up means that even if the weather is less than perfect, by the time the clouds roll in, the food will be dished out.

Travel light?

If your barbecue will have a permanent spot in your garden, a gas barbecue may be ideal because it is heavier and is less likely to topple in strong winds. If you hope to take your barbecue to a friend’s house often move your barbecue indoors out of the rain, a charcoal barbecue has a light frame, and is easy to transport and store. Ease of assembly varies from model to model regardless of fuel type, so it is best to research specific barbecues if you are looking for a one that dissemble with little difficulty.


Decisions such as what kind of fuel your barbecue consumes might seem trivial, but it can impact on your enjoyment of the product and affect the longevity of your investment. With the above variables in mind, you can buy your barbecue with confidence that it will suit your needs, whatever type of barbecue you choose to go with.

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